Just launched PresetforLightroom.com. Let me know what you think! (presetforlightroom.com)


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  • NuclearPiper
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  • 06:27:58, 14 January

The concept of a single preset for all photos is seriously flawed. Even if one wanted to produce a whole collection of presets, the set would need to be custom for each camera model. They vary so much! Especially presets that boost saturation. My camera doesn't take unsaturated photos like the "before" pictures. This preset will turn them into clown puke.

Buying Lightroom presets is not wise. The tools aren't that hard to use. A person should spend $10 on a book rather than buying any presets. Then they can make LR do whatever they want! It's easy! The concept of asking money for a preset like this makes me sicker than Vibrance 90.

Don't pay $10 for something like this. Instead, here's a free preset that does the same thing. Proof: I made the Before look more-or-less like the After in this photo:


I spent maybe five minutes on it. That's how easy Lightroom is once you spend a little time learning all of the simple sliders. Personally, I don't even think the after on the site pictures look good. They are way too saturated. Except for the tiki torch photo which doesn't use nearly as much vibrance.

Here my estimated copy of this preset applied to an ordinary photo that's not under-saturated at the start.


It looks terrible, in my opinion, but now it's free to all!

Just copy this into a text file and name it "LookAtAllThePrettyColors.lrtemplate" and import it into LR. (Made with LR 5.)

s = {
    id = "4AA3C5E7-E07D-44FA-905D-CC4032DE3418",
    internalName = "Look At All The Pretty Colors",
    title = "Look At All The Pretty Colors",
    type = "Develop",
    value = {
        settings = {
            Blacks2012 = -15,
            Clarity2012 = 35,
            Exposure2012 = 0.3,
            Highlights2012 = 10,
            IncrementalTint = 5,
            ProcessVersion = "6.7",
            Saturation = 4,
            SaturationAdjustmentAqua = 8,
            SaturationAdjustmentBlue = 50,
            Shadows2012 = 30,
            Vibrance = 90,
            WhiteBalance = "Custom",
            Whites2012 = 50,
        uuid = "6EB8484E-B960-4CE7-A669-F7C4B54D45A9",
    version = 0,

(That's all a preset is. There's no intelligence in it. It's just a canned bunch of settings.)

Instagram, Lightroom presets, and one-click "HDR" are ruining amateur photography. :(

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  • Raydahz
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  • 07:02:07, 14 January

I don't think you're their target market. Photography is booming right now and Instagram, Lightroom and yes, presets/filters are a big reason why. In this end it's great for everyone. The more young people who get excited about photography the better. Some will go on to create amazing works. Others will at minimum create consumer demand for more great products from manufacturers/developers of cameras and accessories and software.

For what it's worth I think these filters are cool and I know of a few novice photographers who would enjoy them. Diving in and adjusting settings can be intimidating so filters are a better intro. Then maybe eventually they'll learn about white balancing and highlights because they see the potential in them. Heck, I remember my old photoshop days and I thought Actions were just the coolest thing ever. I remember downloading them like crazy from that one website (I forget the name!). It was bliss! Then eventually I was creating my own and selling them. Cool stuff.

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  • BrokerChange
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  • 07:35:57, 14 January

You are shooting .jpg

This is for people who shoot RAW. This is why one preset can work for all camera types.

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  • NuclearPiper
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  • 16:18:03, 14 January

You are wrong. I shoot raw. You are selling snake oil.

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  • BrokerChange
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  • 16:36:02, 14 January

This image says otherwise.