TIFU - By being rear ended. (self.tifu)


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So at lunch I was the last of 4 cars in a chain effect rear-ending at a red light.

With an expired license..

...no proof of insurance..

...and no registration.

Why? Because I'm an idiot who'd thrown the contents of my recently broken glovebox into a bag and brought it all into the house.

The license only expired a month ago, but also very stupid on my part.

220$ ticket later (for license only, thankfully)...

I'm choosing to be relieved that I had not been informed of my stupidity in a much harder, much scarier way by being pulled over late at night for some minor offense, lacking the same paperwork...

This was yesterday, but after leaving work and getting my licensed renewed (because fool me once....) I passed the fuck out before getting to submit this epic TIFU on my part.

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  • Kozi47
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  • 16:34:43, 25 July

So you did the rear ending, and had no license, no insurance and no registration? I hate people like you. Seriously, the officer should have impounded your car.

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  • Gore-geous
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  • 16:41:56, 25 July

Rage much?

It says I was rear ended, not that I rear ended.

> The last of four cars

I was the only person who DIDN'T hit anyone. Dimwit.

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  • Kozi47
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  • 16:52:16, 25 July

last of four..... meaning you were the last vehicle in the collision

4 hits 3 hits 2 hits 1. So you are describing is you were the FIRST of a four car collision. word your comments better

This however does not absolve you from being wreckless and an idiot. my Aunt was T-boned by some kid who like you had no license, insurance and out of date registration. guess who pays to fix her car? She does and her premiums go up simply because some dumbass couldn't be bothered to follow the laws of the road and act responsible.

So yes, rage much. You are the most dangerous driver on the road, because when you get into a collision you can shrug it off and walk away without consequence. And I don't really give a shit if you don't appreciate my comments, you posted this story on a public forum and not everybody is going to upvote you and kiss your ass.

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  • Gore-geous
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  • 17:22:20, 25 July

Maybe learn to read posts.

I pay for insurance, and my car is legally registered, the documents were simply brought into my house, and will be faxed in later today.

My post also indicated that I went immediately after work to renew my license. (Which had only recently expired)

So, please, go ahead explain how I'm more dangerous than the idiots, like you, who cause this kind of pile up because they drive around with your shitty disposition and pent up rage.

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  • eirua
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  • 17:30:51, 25 July

You should see if you can get the ticket waved too. Usually if you renew it right afterwards they will give you a break.

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  • Kozi47
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  • 17:34:04, 25 July

Then go back and get them. It's simple as that. What your destination is so important that you can't possibly drive back home and get them? You're making excuses for being irresponsible. You're saying that you messed up but aren't taking any responsibility for it.

>With an expired license.. ...no proof of insurance.. ...and no registration.

What just because the last two were left at home you deserve a break? No! Stay up to date on your shit and be a responsible driver. Pretty easy

>Maybe learn to read posts.

Maybe learn to write them. Fourth in an accident does not mean you were the initial vehicle being hit.

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  • Gore-geous
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  • 17:50:34, 25 July

You bet your sweet ass I would have gone back home at some point over the last few weeks if I had realized that the registration and insurance paperwork were not among the lighter things that I'd left in the broken glove box. I do pay for both after all, so why would I chose not to keep it around?!

As I've explained, both were up to date, as is my license as of last night.

I've said last because I meant last.. Or to explain it in your words so you understand..

Car 4 hits Car 3 hits car 2, hits me.

I may have been the front car in the accident, but I was also not the FIRST.

Do your shoulders feel a little lighter than usual?

Because you seem to have misplaced your anger towards those who are legitimately dangerous...

And I seem to have found it for you.

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  • crownedether
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  • 17:23:49, 25 July

its not like he doesn't carry those things around on purpose to avoid responsibility for accidents. he admitted it was a mistake not having them. get off your fucking soap box. i'm sorry your aunt had a shitty experience, that doesn't mean everyone who forgets their registration/insurance at home is a fuckwit. your response is completely out of proportion what happened. go take your anger management issues somewhere else.

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  • Kozi47
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  • 17:34:52, 25 July

I don't care what you have to say. You are an uninvolved party. Go save a kitten and post it to /r/aww or something.

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  • eternalflowers
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  • 22:09:24, 25 July

Got some pent up anger there, dipshit?

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  • Kozi47
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  • 22:35:06, 25 July

You have added so much to the conversation. Pretty easy to jump on board with everyone else isn't it?

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  • Burnt_FaceMan
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  • 23:03:08, 25 July

Your shit is weak and your dick is small.

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  • eternalflowers
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  • 23:16:07, 25 July

Yup. I guess I'm a sheep like that.