Can I get a rundown on the major Men's Rights factions? (self.SRSDiscussion)


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As far as specific ideologies go, I've seen MRAs use various definitions for different viewpoints. "Equalist," "Pick-Up Artist," and "Men Going Their Own Way" are the only three I know about. And I don't think that PUA is commonly accepted as a separate sub-ideology at all among some MRAs.

What are the commonly accepted factions, and how do they differ from each other?

I don't think that this belongs in /r/socialjustice101, and I'm not going to ask on /r/mensrights due to my accessible posting history.

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> Any particular reason why there can't be? A movement which campaigns for a blind society in which everyone is treated equally and an identical set of rules applies to everyone? Why couldn't such a movement exist?

I am a thin/sighted person with conditional male/hetero privilege. I am Black/Deaf/Disabled and a queer/bi/lesbian trans woman. So with that in mind, I cannot see the benefit of treating everyone in such a society exactly the same. Instead, I want equal opportunity for all. So I should be able to live without having to work, for example. I should be able to present as female without being hurt. I should be able to have access to transportation and feel that my Deafness is accommodated. I should be able to identify as a lesbian without folks saying "but you're a male presenting person that dates women, you're hetero!!!"