SRSer /u/kbrooks experiences 'gender policing' in dykesgonemild (self.SubredditDrama)

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Here's a direct quote of the call for help:


>i posted a picture of me in dykesgonemild and i experienced gender policing only for looking like a guy and not shaving off my beard.



According to /u/PixieBomb in the dykesgonemild thread:

>You seem to be under the impression that OP is transitioning from female to male.

>She is not.

>She was born male (or, "assigned male at birth"), and while she may identify as female, she has made no effort to present as such.

>This is fine, but it's a little preposterous of her to be posting pictures of herself in a dyke photo subreddit.

>It strikes me as a little silly that you'd find her cute simply based on your apparent misinterpretation she is transitioning from female to male, though. She still looks male in every respect in her picture, regardless of her background.

Screenshots of deleted comments by the mods of dykesgonemild. One. Two.

After seeing all this all I can say is this: /u/kbrooks is the most amazing troll I've ever encountered. Respect to him, or her, ehh.. I'm never really sure which pronoun to use when it comes to kbrooks. Respect.

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