So sick of TRP, RPW, and Terpers!!!! (self.TheBluePill)


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So I found TRP a few months ago or so and started to see RP behavior in my ex bf who I'm still talking to. All my friends and family hate him, but I see "the real him" or some kind of BS like that, so we keep talking. Just to warn you, this story doesn't really have a point except for me to vent.

So this guy, we'll call him Shawn, is a very "manly-man". He's ex-Marine, has serious anger issues, PTSD, etc. I try to be understanding of his behavior because of everything he's been through, but he treats me like SHIT for no reason every once in awhile and it is so annoying! If you've read any of my other posts, he's the same guy who sent me the dirty picture of him and his new girlfriend in Vegas when we broke up about a year and a half ago.

His latest thing was tonight. My birthday is coming up this weekend, and we've had plans for about 5 weeks now that I was going to drive to his house to hang out for the weekend. Now he's not sure if he really wants to hang out because he's got x,y, and z to do this weekend instead. I call him to try to figure out the plan and to see if I need to make some last minute plans with other friends.

He basically won't talk to me about it the ENTIRE conversation. He just says that I am being "fucking annoying" and he's trying to watch Law and Order SVU right now, and he doesn't give a shit, so I should just make other plans. He does these kind of temper tantrums all the time. If I ever try to talk to him when it's not perfectly convenient for him, he says I'm being a needy, annoying, bitch, and he'll hang up on me and forward my calls to VM. This conversation ended with him saying, "Get off my fucking line", and hanging up on me. I texted him and said I won't be seeing him this weekend. He replied "K".

Anyways, I've talked to him about TRP and TBP stuff lately and I HATE that he does the kind of shit they advocate. The thing is though, he can be the sweetest guy ever, and when he is, I do everything for him... make dinner, clean his house, little sex kitten, all of it. It's stupid to me that Terpers think this kind of behavior gets them anywhere, cuz when Shawn does it, we just end up fighting. He always manages to convince me later though he's sorry, etc, etc.

Has anyone else start to see TRP behavior in a SO or someone they're dating? How do you deal with it? TRP behavior and sociopathic behavior go hand in hand IMO, and I kind of think it is dangerous to be associated with these kinds of people. I actually noticed sociopathic behavior in Shawn before discovering TRP or TBP. Part of me really thinks it's time to cut my losses and move on.

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  • sretiderytsan
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  • 08:16:10, 19 February

It's not random. They do that to make you feel insecure and if you are a normal, empathic person it will get to you sooner or later. Dump him asap ffs.

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  • muffy2008
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  • 08:32:45, 19 February

You're so right. Don't these kinds of people ever get tired of all the games? I know I do... if you like me, awesome. If not, that's fine too. I don't have the energy in my day to calculate every next move to make sure I keep you hooked. No thank you!

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  • sretiderytsan
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  • 08:38:26, 19 February

Yep. Been there, done that. I had an ass like that in my early 20s. I waited far too long to put an end to it. It's a waste because there are a lot of good men out there who will be open to communication and compromise.

Stupid terpers think we choose nice men when we get older because we can't get "alphas" when the truth is that we simply got sick of emotionally unstable and abusive bullshitters.

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  • ljay7
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  • 11:37:23, 19 February

This dude sounds like an absolute piece of shit. I would advise you to ignore him. He seriously sounds unstable.

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  • goatismycopilot
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  • 12:18:46, 19 February

I am confused why are you putting any effort into an ex? He is an ex, right? In defense of TRP I think you can just b a general asshole without really swallowing the red pill. His problem is just assholery, why on earth are you investing even fie seconds into some dude who says you're "fucking annoying"? Here is the other thing you are sort of proving the Terpers right by staying with a guy who treats you like shit. You say you don't like it but you don't cut contact. I don't see the connection between TRP and this guy, he is just a jerk. Sorry I sound unblue pill but the issue is that you aren't good with boundaries combined with a guy who is rude and thoughtless. You already said your family and friends hate him. Maybe because they don't like seeing you being treated like shit.

So, cut contact.