I tell her the truth, and she withholds sex. [question] (self.TheRedPill)


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I'd like to start by thanking you guys for your insight. I really enjoy TRP and what it stands for.

So I pretty much have a long-distance, open relationship with this girl. She knows I see other people, but she's in love with me, and she's LTR material. I told her I hooked up with another girl last night, which she's normally fine with. But I'm going home next weekend, and she said now, she won't have sex with me because she's better than that, or some shit.

What's the Red Pill way of handling this situation? EDIT: Thanks for your help all, you're the best. I'll do an update later on.

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  • PinkfloydPurplefloyd
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  • 02:30:22, 23 February

Tell her "alright babe" or whatever pet name you call her and initiate full radio silence. This is a blatant attempt to turn you into her bitch and you should not indulge her. Dread game is the best game here.

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  • MarxistRedditAdmin
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  • 02:27:59, 23 February

Call her bluff or next her.

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  • theRustyNail
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  • 02:31:34, 23 February

Call her bluff how, exactly? So far, I've been laughing it off so far. Like, "whatever, I'm coming home to see my parents. You're a pit stop on the way" kinda deal.

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  • 1eyed
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  • 02:34:26, 23 February

Don't call or text her when you are in town. Plain, simple. It may be hard, but focus on other things.

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  • frequentlywrong
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  • 07:52:17, 23 February

What women say is meaningless. Actions are what matter. I would act like she didn't say anything and assume we're having sex. If she actually withholds sex, you withhold giving her any attention from that point on. Just get up and leave. Cut off contact until she comes crawling back. If she does not come back, she is a lost cause anyway.

Her withholding sex must always be treaded like she is taking the nuclear option. It is a fight you must win. If she wins just once, she has complete control of the relationship and that means it is doomed. If she is punishing you by withholding, cut contact. If she has excuses (headache/menstruation) tell her to suck you off then. If she says no, withhold attention or cut contact completely.

Never ever beg. Never ever offer gifts for it. She provides sex, you provide your attention. That is the relationship dynamic.

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  • theseahawksfan24
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  • 02:59:05, 23 February

That's perfect

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  • MarxistRedditAdmin
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  • 03:10:24, 23 February

LOL! Yeah, haha.

The thing is, it's apparently a long-distance open relationship where she's in love with him.

That's not really a good combination.

If she wants him that badly they're going to fuck. That's the bluff. If she does go through with it, then give her less attention. I suppose "nexting" was a bit rough but I have beer in me so maybe I should STFU.

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  • seanterisu
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  • 03:45:59, 23 February

>I told her I hooked up with another girl last night

She feels threatened/jealous and so...

>she said now, she won't have sex with me

...she tries to establish some power in the relationship.

Treat her like any other spinning plate and she'll wisen the fuck up real quickly; this is why I love open relationships.

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  • Lipophobicity
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  • 07:02:19, 23 February

She is using her one weapon, which is sex. Lucky for you, not giving a fuck is your forcefield/Kevlar vest

She has no plan B, keep it up and you can't lose, the worst you can do is draw via complete separation.

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  • FortunateBum
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  • 19:22:09, 23 February

pro-tip: 90% of the time when a girl says, "we're not having sex" it's because you're going to have sex.

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  • slcjosh
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  • 02:58:58, 23 February

Its a shit test. I had a plate that I told about my hookups a few times. She would always say "well we can't have sex now since you fucked all those sluts!" I ignored and her and plowed on. Yeah, we always had sex.

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  • totorox
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  • 11:15:06, 23 February

If you speak the truth, have a foot in the stirrup. - Turkish Proverb

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  • TheWoesOf_Hoes
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  • 02:33:59, 23 February

You may have done some damage here. Some sort of neurotic bitch awakening.

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  • Tarnsman4Life
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  • 04:30:06, 23 February

Yeah its time to next or try the Dread game a bit. Hit the gym, let her know your hitting it even more; let her know that you are going out with your friends or whatever and STOP telling her your fucking other women. Wait for her to ask; which she will, then don't lie.

She might even flip out for a little but I am sure she will be back.

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  • Clauderoughly
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  • 03:53:06, 23 February

Next her.

This is a shit test as she is trying to lock you down into committing to her.

She is withholding from you because she is seeking some form of commitment. If you aren't interested in that, then next her.

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  • Hydrated_Cesium
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  • 05:57:46, 23 February