Can people please just stop treating those who have trouble getting into relationships like they're somehow lesser than those who don't? (self.SRSMicroaggressions)


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I'm a 20 year old aspie, and I have trouble forming meaningful romantic relationships. For the most part I've resigned to my fate and accepted the fact that I'm probably not going to find myself in a relationship anytime in the near future, considering I often find myself too shy to even talk to people I find attractive. I've grasped with the notion that this isn't a bad thing, and most of my friends tell me it isn't, but then I go on the internet, and see all the people who poke fun at socially awkward types and say "lol what a loser/neckbeard". In some cases I get it, I really do, when someone with social difficulties lashes out at society and becomes bitter and misogynistic it's understandable to mock the bitterness and misogyny. But mocking social awkwardness in and of itself is ableist as fuck in my experience, and it needs to stop.

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I absolutely agree, and I'm not on the spectrum. I think it's another of the "Well, I'm/my friend/my mom's zumba instructor's best friend's husband is x, so I can say things about x without being x-ist!" things. Most people on the internet who make fun of those types of people are those types of people, to whatever degree, and think that somehow makes it "right" to make fun of.

That said, remember that they're using this type of humor to mask the fact that they are unhappy with themselves. It's fun to them because they're able to pretend to be someone they aren't, and that makes them feel better -- it's easier to put something in a box and control it than admit that it dominates you.

Seriously, though, all the internet hugs to you.