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I’ve been practicing pick-up since 2006. I found TRP a few months ago and I think it’s great that guys are coming here and learning some pick-up skills. I think TRP does an awesome job of helping guys get a handle on dating and relationships. Since I started learning game, I’ve kept a list of posts that helped me improve and/or changed the way I thought about male/female interaction (this stuff was my red pill before TRP existed). I just wanted to share some of that knowledge in the hopes that it’ll help others. This is my own personal “best of the best” from years of reading pick-up forums. Since this is red pill, I’m leaving out a few posts due to the excessive use of pick-up lingo.


IAmMaxium “The Newbie Method”

Tubarao on Leading

Tubarao on Social Proof and Making Friends

IJJJJI on Seduction, lots of good lines for flirting

Screening Girls (by me, because I couldn’t find the original)


Tubarao’s relationship rules

Kwagmyre’s Iron Triangle

MoneyMatteo on getting your needs met

Corvette on “Betaization”

Managing bad behavior (by my, because I couldn’t find a better summary)

Blackdragon on spinning plates


60YearsofChallenge “The Provider-Attraction Paradox”

Blackdragon on Why Monogamy Doesn’t work (long, but informative)

Pumpington on naturals and school pick-up (good story)

Corvette on Talking About Feelings with Women (insightful)

How to handle a break-up (by me, just because)

Anyway, I’m hoping you guys accept this post in the spirit it was intended. It's a lot of older material, but it's the stuff that really helped me out back when I was a clueless beta-guy. I’m putting it here in the hopes that others will read these posts and find them to be helpful. Feel free to ask questions, or link some of your favorite posts if you have them.

Thanks for reading!

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  • rebuildingMyself
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  • 06:57:26, 21 October

This is the kind of post I come to TRP for. Thank you.

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  • 648262
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  • 08:33:48, 21 October

60yearsofchallenge is great. A bit extreme for my beta style, but... The knowledge holds up. Thanks for sharing!

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  • young_TRP
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  • 13:56:39, 21 October

Book of Pook for inner game?

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  • Wolfwoodd
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  • 14:54:11, 21 October

Googled it: A free e-book I haven't read before. Well, there goes the rest of my morning. Link for the lazy.

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  • magicalbird
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  • 08:07:20, 21 October

Sidebar please

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  • pcadrian
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  • 13:43:56, 21 October

Yes, we need this on the sidebar. Too valuable of a post to lose.

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  • mrust
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  • 15:30:14, 21 October

Really like the screening post you made. We had a thread about red flags not too long ago and there's some really good ones on your list that I didn't think of.

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  • SeinfeldsForeskin
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  • 09:56:36, 21 October

No offense to TRP/the manosphere, but if you want to learn game do yourself a favor and get some of the real stuff. I'd start with Real Social Dynamic's Blueprint/Foundations series. The Blueprint is 20 hours long of Owen Cook lecturing and it's AMAZING. It is game changing, pardon the pun. Even the Mystery Method and David DeAngelo, old stuff now, still gets results.

edit: Stay far away from /r/seduction. It's absolutely terrible now. A few years ago it was similar to the old mASF, now it's just utterly useless. If you want to browse a forum I'd look at the archives at

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  • Wolfwoodd
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  • 14:29:17, 21 October

I agree about /r/seduction. If you search for all-time top posts, then there's some good stuff. However, on the whole, I'm not a fan. Unfortunately, navigating the old fastseduction archive can be cumbersome and good posts are hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

On that note, here's a "best of fastseduction" list that somebody else made, for those people who read this thread and want more. isn't too bad either, IMO. A lot of the old MASF posters went there after fastseduction got bought out.

I don't have any personal experience with PUA products, but I've only heard good things. I just never wanted to spend the money (preferring instead, to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours sifting through the forums to find the good advice amongst all the crap). /sigh

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  • BlindNoble
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  • 07:02:59, 21 October

You're a gentleman and a scholar.

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  • project_alpha
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  • 07:32:38, 21 October

let's knight him

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  • BlindNoble
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Holy crap, can we do that? Like, give him an honorary TRP Knighthood?!