For the trolly lurkers out there: did you know that not being offended by harmful things is not actually a positive trait? Shocking but true! (


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  • hkdharmon
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  • 17:17:23, 24 October

> did you know that ~~not~~ being offended by harmful things is ~~not~~ actually a positive trait? Shocking but true!

For clarity.

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  • The_Bravinator
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  • 19:00:58, 24 October

I don't use the "save" feature on here very much, but I did for this. Nicely said!

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  • tuba_man
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  • 20:28:51, 24 October

Congratulations, fellow white dudes! You're not offended by shit that doesn't affect you! You get a cookie. now fuck off

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  • aescolanus
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  • 21:43:28, 24 October

>Oh yes, white guys have it all, are never offended at anything, and don't care about anyone else but other white guys.

The article didn't say "white guys are never offended at anything".

The article said "white guys are never offended by anything but criticism of white guys".

Case in point: you. Glancing over your comment history, I don't see you stepping up and calling out offensive or generalizing comments about women. (And trust me, if you haven't seen anything offensive about women in your time on Reddit, you either haven't been paying attention or have a very high bar for what constitutes 'offensive'.) But something that makes a (fair) generalization about white men offended you enough that you have to come here and comment about it. QED.

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  • koronicus
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  • 01:05:00, 25 October

>lumping all white men into one category

It must really suck for you to read someone's attack on the trend of ignorant white guys being condescending over "offense" as a generalization against all white men.

Two things, then:

1) not all white men are like that
2) nobody in the whole goddamn world thinks otherwise

You're upset because you think the author is "making us all sound bad." That's not what's happening here.

> I am offended when people assume I don't have to work hard for what I have because I automatically get any job for which I apply.

I don't think you'll meet very many people in the world, even if you actively go looking for them, who think this. As a white person, you have an easier time with job applications than nonwhite people. This is science talking. As a man, you have an easier time with job applications than non-men. Same thing.

None of that means you as an individual will have an easy time. What it means is you get less screwed over by people's implicit and explicit bigotries.

>there are assholes in all groups of people

Indeed. In this context, the problem with assholes is how their group responds to them. In the case of the privileged white dudes who love to drone on about how un-offended they are, or to speciously assert that offense is a choice, they're actively encouraged by other privileged white dudes to keep doing that. If you're so uncomfortable with that trend being pointed out without special precautions being taken to protect your feelings, maybe you can coin a really catchy word to describe that process without making you feel attacked. I don't personally see it as necessary (since I do not agree with you that the author lumped all of us white dudes into a homogenous group as you suggest), but I don't care for accidental ambiguity, so I wish you luck.

Disclaimer: No instance of "privileged white dudes" in the preceding paragraph should be construed as "all privileged white dudes." I hope that is clear because I never used the word "all."

ETA: Since you decided to run off and participate in an anti sub, I've just taken the liberty of banning you as you seem to have wanted. Here's your parting thought, then:

Even in cases where someone really is lumping white guys into one group, you know what's a bigger problem than that? White guys doing bigoted things.