Gonewild heckles some lesbians. Adviceanimals heckles the hecklers. Hecklers heckle back, drama everywhere with bonus quibbling over the usage of 'retard' and GW's daddy problems. (self.SubredditDrama)


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Obviously NSFW

So a nice lesbian couple decides to take some selfies of one fingering the other. Someone chimes in to tell them that it's not real because there's no dick. Other GW posters understandably tell them to stop heckling hot lesbians who are giving out free porn.

Somebody is mad enough to make a highly upvoted Advice Animals (the new new /r/KarmaCourt). Someone says "I can't imagine the mental problems it takes take make fun of a naked girl", and another person doesn't like that edge. Meanwhile, another comment train spawns about whether GW posters have Daddy Problems, are flithy whores, or just using reddit to get their exhibitionist thrills.

TL;DR - Do lesbians miss dick? Are GW posters whores with Daddy problems? Two subs known for level-headed conversation weigh in!

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