Someone on askreddit tells the story of how she almost got raped. Other users blame her. (


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  • JTHipster
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  • 15:51:04, 5 March

I will say, I offer to walk most of my lady friends home if it's been a night of drinking. I'm a six foot tall man, and I live in a college campus in a city. At a certain level that's just a safety precaution.

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  • cormega
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  • 18:58:32, 5 March

Yeah, I think this is a touchy subject partly because acknowledging something as a dangerous situation often gets construed as victim blaming. I don't think someone is a victim blamer if they advise a woman to not walk home alone late at night, simply because if she does get raped, it's still no matter what 100% the attacker's fault, obviously. That said, it should be okay to say "hey, it might be safer to walk home a little earlier" or "Walk home in a group".

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  • false_tautology
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  • 20:26:39, 5 March

There's a real difference in making a suggestion about safety as a precaution and bringing up the lack of precaution after an attack.

It's the difference between saying "Hey, why don't you take a cab home. I heard that muggings are up in this part of town." and saying "Why didn't you take a cab home? You wouldn't have been mugged if you had done that."

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  • Vitsika
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  • 21:24:17, 5 March

Exactly. There's a huge difference between the two of those things.

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  • JTHipster
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  • 19:36:40, 5 March

Yeah. There's practical advice to be had because we live in the real world.

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  • Cirri
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  • 19:22:15, 5 March

That itself sounds like a potential rape situation... :/

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  • JTHipster
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  • 19:34:32, 5 March

You mean people that I'm good friends with? It's not like I'm offering it to strangers. These are people I know.

That and I'm not a rapist?

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  • Cirri
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  • 19:48:11, 5 March

I'm not accusing you of anything. I mean "large man who can easily overpower me waking me home alone in the dark while I'm drunk" itself sounds like a potential rape situation. Who you are and your relationship with the girls you walk home is irrelevant. On that note though that is very nice of you to do and good that these girls can trust you.

On an entirely separate note, remember that most rapes are committed by people that the victim knows, not strangers. Being able to trust somebody is what you should rely on.

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  • JTHipster
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  • 20:10:42, 5 March

True. That's the other side of the practical advice. If you don't trust the person, probably don't spend time with them alone.