'Hi guys', or 'Making a newbie leave your community in 12 posts or less (or your money back!)' (self.AgainstAtheismPlus)


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So I was lurking the A+ forum and stumbled across this gem:


Two days ago A+ most recent member Noel819 introduces themself to the forum, and within 3 posts someone has ridiculed their beliefs and set upon them for using the phrase 'Hi guys'. The welcome party continues with some in-depth education on pronouns and before you know it Noel819 is feeling so pressured they leave. You'd think they would at least have been given a chance to read the welcome pack!


For bonus points user Avenel posts the following:

> We are generally more concerned with social justice issues than atheism.

You said it Avenel, though you might want to add 'encouraging growth of the community' to the list.

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