What is your favorite way to say someone is attractive? (Nsfw?) (self.AskReddit)


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Not directly to them, but as if you are with a friend and and need to comment on the beautiful eye candy.

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  • StickleyMan
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  • 12:11:42, 15 April

I can only imagine what it's like on a submarine.

"Hey man, you see the gams on that broad?"

"Dude, that's Hank. He's got six month's worth of facial hair growth. Also, why are we talking like it's 1923?"

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  • admirable-admiral
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  • 12:27:17, 15 April

Hey when you've been out to sea for a few months with no land, anyone in a tight shirt starts looking good.

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  • nctami72
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  • 12:51:49, 15 April

I can confirm. I am from a town with a small Navy port. Lots of visiting ships and submarines. (From various countries. )

It was easy to go out, point to a guy you wanted and leave with him.

It became even easier after I got my submarine tattoo. It says Go Down With A Submariner. Nothing like branding yourself as a "boat girl."

At least I ended up marrying a submariner. My tattoo makes sense in that context but most people don't know I had it before I met my husband.

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  • sailorJery
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  • 12:58:47, 15 April

I have a loaf of bread that will last longer than your marriage.

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  • nctami72
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  • 13:06:24, 15 April

I was married to him for 16 years. We were together for 19 years. We separated 18 months ago. We have 3 teenage children and he is still my best friend.

How is that loaf of bread of yours looking now?

He is retired from the Navy now but works in ASW. He's currently deployed on a CVN for 9 months.

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  • PatHeist
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  • 13:46:26, 15 April

I have some Swedish 'knäckebröd' that's been around since before the fall of the Soviet Union. Still tasty.

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  • EpReese
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  • 13:52:53, 15 April

American loaf of bread.

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  • sailorJery
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  • 13:16:16, 15 April

I wonder how many of them are his kids? Sounds like it was a great marriage. To be honest though, I think all marriage is garbage so I just shit on all of them.

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  • ILurkULongTiem
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  • 13:18:43, 15 April

Pretty moldy I'd guess. You proved nothing, anyone can lie on the internet. Telling your story of how long this happy marriage of yours lasted serves as nothig more than to show how desperate you are to prove some random person on the internet wrong, and perhaps more likely a sad attempt at telling yourself the story as you wished it happened.

Also; submariner here. Love your tatoo, although a bit slutty; any man coming out of a metal tube after 3 months doesn't really care if he is stirring in other men's porridge or not.

Aaand an old submarine description; long, black, hard and full of seamen.

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  • nctami72
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  • 13:36:02, 15 April

To reply to your post and the other...

In all honesty, only 2 of our children are his. The oldest he claimed and raised as his own. I got pregnant with her a month after I met him. He lived in CT and I lived in FL. We spent only a few days together when I first met him. I didn't see him again until I was 6 months pregnant.

Her biological dad was a submariner that I had met a year earlier. We would see each other sometimes. A FWB type of deal.

When bio dad found out I was pregnant, he couldn't deal. He was just getting out of the Navy and wasn't ready to be a dad.

The man I married was already a dad and fully accepted our daughter as his own. He signed her birth certificate and I gave bio dad a free pass to move on.

We developed a long distance relationship and I eventually moved to CT to be with him. We got married and we had 2 more children.

Our relationship has never been easy. And I'm not deluding myself with how or why our relationship happened in the first place.

But we made it work for as long as we could. He has always been a great father. He was a good husband. He has taught me many things. I was an immature young woman who had never had to work for anything. My parents spoiled me horribly.

My husband taught me about hard work, dedication, leadership, honesty and acceptance. He taught me how to cook and clean. To say I was difficult would be an understatement.

While I will eternally be in his debt, our relationship also felt a lot like a parent/child relationship. I look back on it now and I can say he raised me to be the strong, independent woman that I am now.

Was I slutty when I was in my early 20's? Absolutely. I don't deny that. He knows everything about me. He accepted me and has always loved me.

We've recreated our relationship because husband/wife didn't work for us. He will always be my best friend in life. We are still a family, all of us, even though our marriage didn't work out.

And I don't feel desperate to show a random internet person that I have something to prove. I'm just sharing my life experiences, as every other person on Reddit does.

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  • survival-or-bust
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  • 13:24:06, 15 April

Don't listen to him, /u/sailorJery. He's just bitter about his bread.

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  • UhOhOreo2012
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  • 13:04:01, 15 April

Oh god