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Per recent threads I'll be examining a few thoughts discussed on TRP.

  • Per "a highschool girl put me on hold I'm butthurt" thread

I'm not sure how much needs to be said about this one. A highschool girl put me on hold, did I pass her shit test?!?!??!. Followed by countless TRP'ers commenting how "fuq dat bitch she put u on hold how DARE she!!!!". Seriously guys? highschool? do you remember highschool girls? let alone how they acted? You're grown up mentally; THEY ARE NOT. Yet, ya'll are the same type to complain 'there's no good girls left they're all corrupt!'. Fuck you expect? You're going after girls that either a) just had their prom or b) are about to have their prom (depending on age/legalness). Seriously, if no one sees the problem here I think there's some bigger issues. These girls literally have NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. NONE.

But bedroomacrobat all girls secretly have an inner whore you just have to bring it out by confidence and leadership!

Okay, but really? A highschool girl is morally acceptable to you when they're literally dumber than a box of rocks and have NO idea what they're doing? You want to be 30 (+ or - a few years) going after girls that are 16/17/18 years old and running at their track meet? OKAY sweet bro. There's something morally off there, but I'm not the moral police. Let's have morals, let alone not get all butthurt over a highschooler putting us on hold.

  • Fitness gurus

Shit advice has been posted all over this sub under the guise of fitness advice. Particularly, "muscle must be accompanied by fat". Maybe if you eat like shit it will be. After 8+ years of lifting I can tell you that getting fat or "bulking" is the dumbest thing that you can do. If you bulk you're treating your body like shit. If you bulk, you're not gaining anything more than if you didn't bulk. I've called certain posters out on this bulking is great claim, yet they provide no support for their "bulking gives you best results claim". I've done a 50lb+ bulk. Stupidest decision of my life. These people talking about their epic bulk progress haven't been in the FUCKING TRENCHES doing the FUCKING WORK to lose the FAT they put on. ITS NOT LIKE U JUST FLIP A SWITCH AND LOSE IT. Bulk only if you want to be a fat fuck.

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My username aside I don't think it's immoral to seriously date a 16-19 year old. It's a little bit shitty to pump and dump the better ones in that age range, but some girls are born whores. Why leave the banana in the bunch if it's already aged and bruised?

If a girl hits 24 and is single and desirable I can safely assume she's passed on so many "okay" men already that being pumped and dumped by me isn't really setting her back. She knows what she wants. Every once in a while you'll meet a 20+ virgin female and they are almost always a fucking shit show of neurosis. The type that constantly shit test betas and deny them sex while throwing themselves at every alpha that crosses their path.

As an atheist I can't help but believe that my only chance at an intact family long term is by settling with a younger (16-18) woman. Atheist women get used up and spit the fuck out by their late 20s, or they suffer from extremely unattractive attitudes and behaviors that stem from their social retardation and high intelligence. If you want a "healthy" one as it were you've got to get in there before the damage is done. Trying to find an emotionally stable and intellectually compatible partner of any age when you're a conservative atheist is like pissing against the wind and opening your mouth wide. I think the good Christian / Mormon / Muslim wife ideal doesn't stem only from the religion, but also when they are encouraged to get married. Atheist guys like me almost always pass on younger chicks because "it's wrong." If the girl is objectively intelligent, driven, feminine, and atheist not going after her would be like a religious group completely ostracizing a member and saying, "Remain exactly as you are for five years and we may accept you back." Almost 100% that girl is going to be taken or broken by the time it's OK for me to get at her.

This will probably be xposted to tbp and I'll be called a pedophile, but who cares? Half of the female posters there would have loved a big daddy liberal that was sexually desirable swooping them up when they were 18 and giving them a stable life and family or engaging in "safe" hedonism. I'm just an asshole TRP guy that wants to have rough sex with teenagers and get one pregnant so I can keep her barefoot in the kitchen.

Fuck my years of actually trying to find a decent atheist girl and having already passed on dozens of young girls like I've described while getting older every year. The time when I most desired to settle down was when I had the least power to do so... now that I've got the clout and can actually discern quality from trash I'm not buying the "moral" argument anymore. Not for what I'd like to have and am willing to give up in exchange for it.