How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. (Or, how one person has screwed with my head for almost two years.) (self.TwoXChromosomes)


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Ah, exboyfriends. Some are nice, some are rude, and some... Well, some are like C.

We met at a reddit meetup after my divorce in 2012. He'd tried to talk to me on OKCupid about a month before, but I didn't respond because he wasn't my type. When we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, he gave me a look and said, "Oh, and I recognize you from another website." He kept asking me why I never responded and generally wouldn't leave me alone the whole night - and once he added me on Facebook, it kept going. We hung out at meetups and talked some on Facebook, and I'll admit, the guy was (eventually) kinda charming. Eventually, in one of the dumbest things I've ever done, we started sleeping together, and, well... If he were to ask me why I wanted nothing to do with him now, it'd go something like this.

-You treated me like crap during and after the time we were dating by constantly speaking to me like I was stupid.

-You called me a slut for acting single when you made it clear you didn't want a relationship unless it was an open one (even though you'd never tried polyamory and didn't know what it entailed - you just wanted to have a license to fuck whoever you wanted without ever facing any consequences, but would get angry when I would talk about the prospect of me sleeping with someone else)

-Even after you oh so graciously decided to "give monogamy a shot" for me, you never dropped the requests for threesomes or sex on cam to be broadcast on the internet, despite my constant refusal.

-Even though you would expect a blow job regardless of if I was in the mood for sex or not, I had to ask you to go down on me, and even then, you hesitated because you had already gotten off. Once you were done, we were both done.

-Got fired from your job for sexual harassment and claim it was really all just a big misunderstanding (though you boast about subscribing to and taking tips from /r/seduction)

-Moved across the country but still kept trying to convince me to move to be with you, saying how much you missed me and being with me.

-Gave a pissy self-righteous monologue when you found out that the guy I started dating after you were finally gone and I moved in together, and how dare I not tell you myself - you had to hear it from someone else! Almost like I didn't want you to know about my business! And oh, boy, you're never going to speak to me again.

-After hearing via reddit-stalking or asking one of my Facebook friends that the ex and I broke up, you immediately start calling and texting me non-stop, asking me again to move across the country to be with you and to take time off work to drive 8+ hours to Dallas to see you while you're in Texas.

-Even after repeated answers of no, not going to happen, no chance in hell, you still try to tell me that no girl you meet is like me and you just want to be in a relationship with me if I move.

-After I block you on Facebook and on my phone, you still comment on my stuff on Instagram and try to follow me on Twitter, obviously not taking the hint; when I get a new phone, I find out that you're still texting me once a week to see if I'll ever respond. No, I'm not going to text you back.

So, C, if you're reddit-stalking me again, since this is the only place I don't have you blocked, understand this: leave me alone, you gaslighting, misogynistic asshole. I want nothing to do with you. Stay in Boston. You're a piece of crap.

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  • sciencemax
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  • 14:57:53, 15 June

Damn, that really sucks :/

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  • 16:18:31, 15 June

you shouldn't use word sucks in the context of this post

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  • sciencemax
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  • 16:47:50, 15 June


nevermind, i get it. you're a redpill troll.

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  • squishygirl
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  • 16:27:46, 15 June

Sounds like my ex.

  • He would text me saying he missed me after not having text me or seeing me in ages.
  • Ask constantly for threesomes with my friends
  • Get angry when I mentioned going on dates with or sleeping with other people, when we weren't together and he wasn't even living in the same city as me.
  • Called me a slut when I had Threesome he was not involved in (Clearly has double standards) and then still text me saying he missed me.
  • When I finally had ago at him about our relationship he told me I never told him how I felt which is all I did
  • When I told him to stop texting me because I was happy in my new relationship he mocked me for it.

Luckily I found someone amazing that makes me happy and doesn't care about my baggage. I know what he wants and I want that too, I've never been happier.

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  • wannabeomniglot
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  • 15:15:31, 15 June

This guy sounds like a real fuckin piece of work. Good on you for getting out of there!

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  • killerpink
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  • 16:27:38, 15 June

I'm glad you got out of that one. Congratz.

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  • hyebred
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  • 17:55:12, 15 June

>You called me a slut for acting single when you made it clear you didn't want a relationship unless it was an open one

I've never understood why guys (heck even women!) do this. Don't want a relationship and yet are upset by the fact that the other person who wants one is dating others. Where's the logic?

OP, good job getting away from this one.

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  • MarrymeCaptHowdy
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  • 18:32:04, 15 June

Double standards. In their heads, they are above other people, their needs and wishes are more important and to be fulfilled.